Our Coaches


Co Founder & General Manager

Natalie R.J.Daal born on the 7th of June in Curacao.

She worked  almost all her life with children. 

She founded "Fundashon Kompa Nanzi - in 1997 and after that, founded a Private school called "De  Rakkers.

After this she feld she had to make a switch. After a long time soul searching  and working spiritually on herself the idea of Golden Village started.

She met Phyllis and Haydee and they formed the team to run The Golden Village.

It is an honor to serve and help people get on their way in life!

Natalie Daal


Co Founder & Lead Meditation Teacher

Phyllis van den Hout was born and raised in Curacao. She founded her law practice Justa Curacao in March of 2017, in which she assists her clients with their legal matters and/or disputes as a lawyer or mediator.

In March 2020 Phyllis also started her coaching business, Forta Curacao, in which she works closely with individuals and groups to make changes from within. As a motivational speaker and transformational life coach, Phyllis inspires and guides her clients to achieve even higher potential and create more fulfilling lives.

Phyllis van den Hout


Coach, Trainer and Lecturer

From a major in Marketing and a Master’s in Business Administration working in the corporate world for 20 years to a Transformational Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Reading different metaphysical and self-help books, attending numerous seminars, workshops, trainings and analyzing myself and others, through mastermind groups and book discussions, sparked the fire to switch from being a Business Operational Analyst to a Transformational Coach working on the Improvement of the person’s life Process since May 2016.

My view of Life and of people have changed over the years drastically, from knowing and understanding myself and others better to the point that I realized that most of life’s positive changes is based on the understanding of our emotions and our energy to make a sustainable change.

It is my pleasure to serve as your Coach, speaker and trainer to mastering your process of life through understanding your emotions, safeguarding your energy, listening to your intuition and setting intentions from your heart and soul and through this, live a life feeling Free, feeling and spreading Love and being optimistic.

Haydee Hermans